Heal The Earth Through The Arts Foundation

Our Missions

Mission: Helping the Homeless Community in Miami.

From 2017-2019, the foundation worked with local organizations to throw small concerts and shows with the Miami Blues Band. These events raised money to feed the homeless, contribute to community activities and educational programs, and increased awareness to help women and children come out of domestic violence and homelessness. Heal the Earth worked with Miami Rescue Mission a lot during this time but also with Girlfriends 4 Girlfriends and CoverGirls. They also spent some time on fundraising for the blind in the Southern Florida area as well.

Mission: Rx for Cuba.

As of 2021, the foundation began their "Rx for Cuba" tour. Currently, Cuba has a lack of medicine, including basic ones, available to their people. Our mission is to raise more capital to purchase medicine in bulk and deliver it to Cuba. We are personally bringing the medicine there by hand to ensure the medicine goes to the right individuals who will help the Cuban people in need. So far, the organization has made two successful trips to Cuba. There is a scheduled trip for the fall so far and it will hopefully be as successful as the previous trips.

Mission: Fundraising for Afghan Woman.

Heal the Earth is now fundraising to support the Afghan woman who are looking for a promising future. Our donations will be made to Women for Afghan Woman. This organization focus on empowering Afghan woman in Afghanistan and New York who have been deprived of civil rights, education, and growth opportunities. Like them, we are making a lot of effort trying to improve this situation and we hope you can join us in our effort!

About Us and Our Mission