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Jackson founded the charity in 1992, naming it after his hit song, "Heal the World". The purpose of the charity was to provide medicine to children and fight world hunger, homelessness, child exploitation and abuse. Jackson stated that he wanted "to improve the conditions for children throughout the world".

Prior to the creation of the Heal the World Foundation, Jackson had expressed great interest in humanitarianism, equality and world peace. Songs such as "Can You Feel It", "We Are the World" and "Man in the Mirror" convey this. Jackson also donated millions of dollars to charity, including his $5 million share from the Victory Tour.

Shortly afterward, Jackson was invited to the White House to receive an award presented by American President Ronald Reagan. The award was given for Jackson's support of charities that helped people overcome alcohol and drug abuse.

In 1985, Jackson co-wrote the charity single "We Are the World" with Lionel Richie, which was released worldwide to aid the poor in Africa and the US. He was one of 39 music celebrities who performed on the record. The single became one of the best-selling singles of all time, with nearly 20 million copies sold and millions of dollars donated to famine relief. It was also the first time Jackson was recognized for his humanitarian efforts.

"Heal the Earth" - Continuing the Mission

Inspired by Michael Jackson's Mission: To pick up where Michael Jackson leaved off by rasing money for with not for profit mini concerts thrown at various events.


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July 24, 2021
Titanic Brewery Coral Gables, FL

The Miami Blues Band is working with The Heal The Earth Foundation to raise awareness and money for medication needed by the people of Cuba.

July 22, 2021
Alfaro's Nightclub

The Miami Blues Band is working with The Heal The Earth Foundation to raise awareness and money for medication needed by the people of Cuba.

October 21, 2017
Green Day - Greater Miami Shores Chamber of Commerce
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Green Day
September 9, 2017
Indio Jackson

Multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Music Producer, DJ & Capoeirista born on January 11, 1978 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, began his artistic career by the age of 15, mixing elements of the Afro-Brazilian Percussion and Capoeira. He has always been recognized by the resemblance to his indigenous heritage of the Native Brazilian Indians, and from there the artist "Indio Jackson" was born. Twenty-one years of exposure to the artistic scene has allowed Indio many opportunities performing Capoeira,Percussion, Guitar, Singing and DJ all of which enabling him to evolve into the extraordinarily versatile musician of today. Indio had the honor of working with artists such as; Ricky Martin, Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, Don Omar, Marc Anthony, Maluma, Elvis Crespo, Alejandro Sanz, Jesse & Joy, Debi Nova, Wisin, Carlinhos Brown, Timbalada, Daniela Mercury, Claudia Leitte, and amongst many others.

September 2, 2017
Alejandra Jimenez

Alejandra Jimenez is an award winning singer-songwriter, piano, guilele & ukelele player. She has been finalist 5 Times at different songwriting contest including The John Lennon Songwriting Contest, the USA Songwriting competition & The International Songwriting Contest. She plays pop, classic rock & reggae.

As a singer she has performed many weddings with a local wedding band and currently has been performing in Florida for places such as The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort, Made in Italy & Cafe Creme in Miami & the Ronald McDonald House.

Thanks to her performing skills Alejandra was a recipient of a Full Scholarship to the prestigious Berklee College of Music from which she graduated on 2013. She is known for her powerful and expressive voice and the way she delivers the music, reaching every fiber of the audience.

She performs in English & Spanish.

Alejandra Jimenez
August 26, 2017
Yasmeen Matri

20-year-old Yasmeen Matri is a Miami based singer-songwriter with a voice that must be heard to be believed. Armed with a 4 octave vocal range, a Jazz & R&B inspired sound, and songwriting capabilities that make it hard for her to put her pen down, she is already taking South Florida by storm.

She's fluent in both Portuguese and English, and her strong Brazilian roots inspire her to incorporate Latin flare into her music. On another note, her profound love for Jazz and R&B makes it no surprise that her musical influences are Amy Winehouse, Etta James, Adele and many more.

Yasmeen has been performing since the age of 5, and she hasn't stopped ever since. The stage was once her playground; now it's her home. She writes and sings with an unmistakable identity and is currently working towards finishing her first EP, which will be available soon. She's certainly an artist to look out for.

August 19, 2017
Glenda del E

Glenda del E was born and raised between what she describes as "the best of both worlds" in her native Havana, Cuba and a multi-cultural Toronto, Canada. Growing up in a musical home environment, she gained experience from a very young age and learned how important it is to be persistent and motivated from whom she admires the most-- her mother and father.

If "del Monte Escalante" is Spanish for “the Mount Climber”, then pianist, vocalist and composer Glenda del Monte Escalante's name could not be more fitting, along with her extraordinary instrumental abilities, a unique sound, and a stunning presence. Cuban pianistsinger- songwriter Glenda del E gives Cuban music a fresh new take with her exceptional musicality. Her idea of "Q-ban Mixology" in music, evolved from Glenda's trademark, positive and inspiring lyrics and melodies for all ages, pop-soul hooks and funk-jazz influenced arrangements defy generally held notions of what Cuban music is and defines her truly genuine and real sound. Her music reflects what she is: A strong academic trained musician transcending frontiers and a role model for future generations.

July 15, 2017
Tommy G. Lee

Tommy has been playing drums since the age of 10. Always fascinated by music from around the globe, his gravitation towards the rhythms and textures of world music made for a natural, and seamless transition.

Having visited China, Bali, Thailand, Brazil, and throughout the Caribbean, his travels allowed him to build a diverse collection of percussion instruments, added to his already impressive assembly of drums.

His mastery of these instruments can he heard on countless recordings in a multitude of musical styles. Tommy’s love for Indian music has been evident in his work on both electric and acoustic Indian fusion genres. Additionally, he’s been featured on a Buddhist spiritual music recording playing a large battery of unique, hand-crafted, percussion instruments.

Claudio Celso

Is a Brazilian guitarist, composer and arranger. His work includes jazz, bossa nova and Brazilian popular music. He was listed in the world's top 100 guitarists by Guitar Player Magazine in Brazil.

Born: August 4, 1955 (age 61), São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Record label: RCA

Albums: Surf Life, Swell

Genres: Brazilian jazz, Jazz fusion, spiritual music

Instruments: Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar

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July 15, 2017
Harold Caribbean

Harold Caribbean International Artist from The Caribbean lives in Miami, Florida USA and is the leader of a six man band.

Besides being an artist, Harold also is an expert in musical research, developing, and mixing pop music with tropical rhythms into Reggae such as Rock Reggae, Soca Reggae, Calypso Reggae and Country Reggae.

Harold's International Tours have included South America, Germany and Brazil. The South America and Brazil Tour, Reggae Rock Surf Music Festival, was headlined by Inner Circle, Spy V. Spy, NosNaldeia and Harold Caribbean.

Harold Caribbean
July 8, 2017
Jeff Grainger

Critics are calling him the "Closest to Sinatra" they have ever heard! Jeff Grainger has been entertaining to many an audience's amazement all across the country for the last decade. He turns any occasion into a memorable one where guests will leave wondering if they just saw Sinatra reincarnated!

Jeff Grainger
July 1, 2017
Leo Lee Rock Band

Entertaining mix of old and classics suitable for any occasion. Highly profissional and always entertaining! The Band is really hitting in stride!

Leo Lee Rock Band
June 24, 2017
T-wave Band HD

Is one the hottest Caribbean party Bands to hit south Florida in recent years. T-wave HD brings their highly energetic and infectious style of party music . That's is sure to make you want to move your feet!

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T-wave Band HD
June 17, 2017
Jeff Grainger

Critics are calling him the "Closest to Sinatra" they have ever heard! Jeff Grainger has been entertaining to many an audience's amazement all across the country for the last decade. He turns any occasion into a memorable one where guests will leave wondering if they just saw Sinatra reincarnated!

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Jeff Grainger
June 6, 2017
Moran Levi

Moran Levi is an Israeli born chanteuse-singer/songwriter with the pipes and keen ear to cross-over the myriad of musical styles and sensibilities.

Whether singing in English, Spanish, Hebrew, French or Italian, her comprehension of nuance is captivating.

Moran Levi

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Events Video: Jack Crooner with T-wave Band HD


Events Video: Jack Crooner with Jeff Grainger